The Inspiration

The Other 43 – Kinsale Harbour Home is the creation of your host Anna Mulcahy. Anna grew up in rural Co. Cork but her studies and career took her further afield.  From Tel Aviv to Tokyo, Anna was always thrilled to immerse herself in local culture and customs. At times staying in luxury hotels, she also sought out less opulent accommodation (make sure to ask her about the beach shack while exploring the remote Perhentian Islands off Malaysia). 

Later in her career, when Anna was based in Ireland working for a US Multinational (EMC), she hugely enjoyed helping with the hospitality-side of meetings in Ireland, ensuring when possible that international guests stayed in Kinsale or at least visited her adopted home of Kinsale. She always ensured that no opportunity to experience local culture was missed. Her wealth of travel experience mixed with local insider knowledge has left her with a keen understanding of the needs of her guests to ensure a quality and personal experience.

The Journey

The Journey of The Other 43 to date has been arduous yet deeply rewarding. Host Anna reflects on the acquisition of the property and it’s name; 

“Walking past Shearwater one day on my way to UFood for coffee, I noticed a For Sale sign on the balcony of The Other 43.  Always being on the lookout for a Kinsale base for my brother Andrew, I made an appointment to view it.  Once I stepped inside the door and saw the view and the potential, there was no going back and it was going to be for me (sorry Andrew and Heather). It was a long and challenging journey (which I would probably have given up on many times) except for, on one viewing with my brother Tom he noticed the number on the door being 43, and said ‘this is meant to be, it’s the Other 43’.  I live on 43 Main Street (Kinsale) and hadn’t even noticed the matching numbers.  Then ‘The Other 43’ it was.”  

The Other 43’s redesign was carried out by Kinsale based Paul Keating of KE Architects and the extensive building work was done by Anthony and Stephen of Complete Building Solutions.

Our Purpose

Designed and built using advanced sustainable technologies, The Other 43 focuses on comfortable luxury and energy efficiency. Our harbour home is curated throughout with the best Irish craft and local products; to share a satisfying, highend, sustainable accommodation experience with those who truly appreciate quality, comfort and being kind to our planet.

Our Commitment

We are kind to the planet. That’s why you will find eco-friendly products throughout The Other 43. We are big coffee lovers so we have complimentary KeepCups™ for you to use while you are staying with us. To be used when you grab your morning coffee from the many independent coffee shops that are on your doorstep. 

We believe in quality over quantity from the top down. The building materials and finishing as well as the furnishings have been locally sourced where possible, including Schuco windows and doors, natural timber floors.

The Other 43’s duvets and pillows have been ethically and sustainably produced by Baavet, in Co. Meath from the fleece of sheep. Our atmosphere is enhanced by the enchanting aroma of local perfumery La Bougie. Each piece is handcrafted in Kinsale using aromatics and botanical oils from around the world. 

We champion our local community. Kinsale has a wide array of boutiques, creative design shops, galleries and bookstores. We have populated The Other 43 with the finest local products ensuring that our connection with the town remains true and strong.

We care about your stay. While staying at The Other 43 we want it to be your home away from home. A place where you can truly nestle down, unwind and recharge. We are on hand to accommodate your needs or enhance your stay with bespoke experiences inspired by our community.


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